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Microsoft Teams

All students have access to Microsoft Teams with their LiU account. You can use Microsoft Teams to, for example, meet with a group and participants will then meet via video. You can also create a team for a little more long-lived collaboorations, or have a group chat for more short-lived discussions.

Create a team for collaboration

You choose who you invite to a team. Teams are private, ie restricted to viewing only for the members you have invited.

Create a private team

Create teams and keep the dialogue alive using channels

When you create a team, a general communication channel is created, where any member can create a new thread. It is also possible to create subchannels for communication around various topics. Members can label channels that affect them directly as favourites, and read other channels as necessary. Conversational threads in the channels can be used by all members to follow a dialogue and keep an overview of the ongoing discussions.


It is possible to link OneNote notebooks to a team, in order to store shared notes from, for example, meetings.

Project planning

People who work in projects can use Microsoft Planner and link it to their team. In Planner, it is possible to create tasks, schedule their termination dates, and assign them to members of the team. All members of the team can gain an overview and follow the progress of the project.

Online meetings

If you create an online meeting, you can invite other students at LiU to attend your meeting, either in an existing team or for a group you have contact information for. A maximum 300 participants is possible in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Make sure you have a headset or headset with a microphone for good sound quality. Sound is important for a good meeting.

You can connect to a Teams meeting via web browser or download the desktop app to your computer (see link at the top of the page) or as an app to your mobile phone. See list of supported browsers.

Schedule an online meeting

Important note for the video:

You do not need to publish a meeting in a channel in Teams to schedule it (as shown in step 2). When you schedule it, recipients receive an email to their LiU email with both a meeting link and a phone number that can be used to connect.

Contact and support

You are welcome to contact the IT Helpdesk if you experience IT related problems at LiU and need help.

Regular opening hours:

Monday and Thursday 08:00-20:00

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 08:00-17:00


Find answers in the KNowledge database

Maybe it's possible that you can solve a problem on your own! See guides with answers to common IT questions and problems.


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