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Licenced software for students

Software via MinIT

Linköping University has signed agreements that offers students license for certain software. Please note that you are bound by the agreement you signed when you started your studies here at the university. You may use the software only for study related activities.

Spell check and screen reader

  • SpellRight - spelling aid for English.
  • Stava Rex - spelling aid for Swedish.
  • Tortalk - speach software, screen reader. Learn more about Tortalk's functions on Tortalk's website.
  • Several of Microsofts apps (for example Word, OneNote and Teams) has built in functionality to read text aloud, Immersive Reading. More info about that is found on the page Microsoft Office via Lisam.

Statistics, technical computing and data analysis

  • Nvivo - data analysis.
  • Maple - technical computing, including visualization, data analysis.
  • Matlab - software for mathematical and technical computing.
  • Mathematica - software for mathematical and technical computing.
  • Minitab - statistics software (PC only).
  • Minitab Express - statistics software (PC, Mac).
  • SPSS - statistics software.
  • QtiPlot - data analysis and interactive visualisation.


  • ElVis - software for electrical design.
  • EndNote - reference management software package.
  • PPS Online - project management tool.
  • Survey and report - survey creator.


Other software

Microsoft Office 365

You can download Microsoft Office 365 via Lisam. In Lisam; click the top left menu and then Office 365. This makes it possible for you to always have access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, and more.

See this page for information on what you can utilise the apps for.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

In Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching you can download software from Microsoft for free (mostly developing tools, but also OS versions, for example Visual Studio and SQL Server, etc.).

Imagine is only accessible for students who are classified as STEM-lab users. To gain access you have to answer the following questions and send them to helpdesk@student.liu.se:

  1. Your LiU-ID
  2. What course are you taking?
  3. At which department is the course being held?
  4. Who is the course coordinator?
  5. Motivate why you should have access to Microsoft Imagine.


Autodesk for students

By joining the Autodesk Student Community students and faculty staff will be allowed to  get a free download of several parts of Autodesk software and take part in self-study at their own pace.

For installation, contact information and support, visit the Autodesk website: Student Community



LiU Helpdesk (IT support)

Tel: 013-28 58 98


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Last updated: 2019-08-29