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There are two types of wireless networks at Linköping University, Netlogon and Eduroam.

Netlogon is very easy to get started with, but it will require you to log on (with your LiU-ID) each time you connect.

Eduroam needs to be installed once per computer/unit. Once configured, it will also work at other universities and colleges within and outside Sweden that are participating in the Eduroam partnership.

If you are using an Apple product: connect and use liuid@liu.se and the Eduroam password that you find on account.liu.se.

If you have problem to connect to Eduroam with SecureW2.

To use the network guides, click on IT help and support on your right.


Security is something everyone needs to think about when they connect their computer to a network.

Rules and regulations

As a student at Linköping University you have a certain responsibility when using IT resources such as your e-mail account and the IT equipment at the university. You will find more about this in the agreement you signed when you activated your e-mail account.

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