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Equal opportunities

Linköping University continuously work within the areas of equality, equal opportunities and equal treatment. Equality meaning that everyone with an interest in, and the ability to undertake, academic studies should have the same opportunities for studies and research.

Equal opportunities are about the equal rights of men and women in their situation as students. Equal treatment means that there should be no harassment or discrimination of students on the basis of gender, social or ethnic affiliation, religion or faith, sexual disposition, age or functional disorder or any other grounds for discrimination at the University.

To whom should I turn if I have been subjected to offensive treatment?

At LiU the principle is to manage abuse that has been experienced as close to the affected person as possible. For students, the director of studies or corresponding person is responsible for handling and, where relevant, investigating the occurrence of abusive treatment.

The student unions represent individual students.

LiU’s Equal Opportunities body can be contacted for consultation concerning legislation and details of the procedures followed during handling and investigation.

Read more in the Guidelines for the management of suspected harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation (pdf)

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Last updated: 2022-09-30