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Fire Protection

Linköping University's fire and emergency routine is designed to work throughout the year and around the clock. Therefore, both staff and students must know how to act in an emergency and how to help evacuate the building.

This film describes what you should do if a fire starts at the University.

In case of emergency - do the follwing:

Räddning Save those in immediate danger.



Telefon Call 112.



BrandsläckareIf there is a fire, put it out without risking your own safety.



utrymning If you are close to an evacuation vest – put it on and lead the evacuation. Using this equipment anyone should be able to act as evacuation leader.


Återsamling Evacuate the building and go to the assembly point where you will get more information. Note that campus US does not have any announced assembly points. You should however always evacuate in case of alarm.


Fire Safety Information for the Hearing Impaired, the Visually Impaired or People with Other Disabilities

Having a disability can make it hard to perceive a fire alarm or to evacuate a building. Contact Fire Safety Coordinator Annevi Fredäng to make sure that you know what to do in case of fire or evacuation.


Campus guards
Can be contacted in precarious situations, if you locked yourself out or you discover an urgent fault, ongoing burglary or vandalism.
Telephone 013-28 58 88.

Telephone 013-28 2010 (Campus Valla och Campus US) eller 011-36 3010 (Campus Norrköping).

Emergencies and Accidents
In case of danger for a person, property or the environment, always call 112.

Security Manager
Annevi Fredäng
Telephone 013-28 2340

Fire Safety and Security Coordinator  


error report for student kithens and class rooms

Please report defects, faults or damages such as broken lights, microwave ovens, 
fire-extinguishers, printers or other equipment etc.

Error report

error report for outdoor lighting, furniture and electrical outlets

Error report Campus Norrköping

Error report Campus Valla


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Last updated: 2019-10-21