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Campus guards
Can be contacted in precarious situations, if you locked yourself out or you discover an urgent fault, ongoing burglary or vandalism.
Telephone 013-28 58 88.

Telephone 013-28 2010 (Campus Valla och Campus US) eller 011-36 3010 (Campus Norrköping).

Emergencies and Accidents
In case of danger for a person, property or the environment, always call 112.

Security Manager
Annevi Fredäng
Telephone 013-28 2340

Fire Safety and Security Coordinator  
Peter Grellsgård
Telephone 013-28 2521


error report for student kithens and class rooms

Please report defects, faults or damages such as broken lights, microwave ovens, 
fire-extinguishers, printers or other equipment etc.

Error report

error report for outdoor lighting, furniture and electrical outlets


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Last updated: 2019-08-21