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Safety at LiU

The work with safety at Linköping University makes sure to create a safe and secure environment for students, employees and visitors on our campuses. LiU is working with prevention of unwanted incidents like fires, thefts, violence and threats. It is important to be prepared and to have clear routines if an incident would occur.

First Aid

First aid equipment for uncomplicated bandaging can be found all over campus. Contact an employee if you are in need of this equipment. LiU is constantly educating the employees in first aid and CPR. Look for office doors marked with “FH” and “HLR” badges to find trained employees. The campus guards can also help in case of emergency, they are trained in first aid and have access to defibrillators.

Crisis and Emergency Management

As a student you are entitled to support in case of a crisis. If you need emergency support, contact an employee that you have confidence in, the Student Health Care Center or University Chaplaincy. In a crisis or emergency of very serious character such as severe accidents, serious threats, natural disasters, fires, etc. LiU’s crisis management organization steps in.

Violence and threat

LiU does not accept any employee or student being exposed to violence or threats in the work environment. In case you are affected, directly or indirectly, you can get support and guidance from a course or program coordinator, director of studies, the study counselor for your program or:

You should always make a police report if you have been the victim of a violent and threatening situation and, in case of a trial, there is support to get from the University. Serious incidents are reported as an occupational injury to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, but also less serious incidents should be reported as an incident.

Incidents, accidents and occupational injury

It is important to quickly fix errors and deficiencies in the study environment, but also to take advantage of constructive suggestions on how LiU can improve. If you as a student sustain an incident or an accident, you should report the incident immediately. An incident refers to an unwanted, sudden incident that was about to cause an injury but favorable circumstances meant that it stopped at a reminder of the risks that exist.

Notification of occupational injury (pdf file)

Examples of a work-related injury:

  • accident (damage such as sharp injuries in the lab, injury caused by another person etc.)     
  • travel accident (eg bicycle accidents on the way to or from the lecture/university)     
  • occupational disease (eg, physical or mental overload or contamination of any substance in the laboratory environment etc.)

Försäkringskassans notification of occupational injury
Read more about student insurance


Campus guards
Can be contacted in precarious situations, if you locked yourself out or you discover an urgent fault, ongoing burglary or vandalism.
Telephone 013-28 58 88.

Telephone 013-28 2010 (Campus Valla och Campus US) eller 011-36 3010 (Campus Norrköping).

Emergencies and Accidents
In case of danger for a person, property or the environment, always call 112.

Security Manager
Annevi Fredäng
Telephone 013-28 2340

Fire Safety and Security Coordinator  
Marcus Lundgren
Telephone 013-28 2521


error report for student kitchens and class rooms

Please report defects, faults or damages such as broken lights, microwave ovens, 
fire-extinguishers, printers or other equipment etc.

Error report

error report for outdoor lighting, furniture and electrical outlets

Error report Campus Norrköping

Error report Campus Valla


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Last updated: 2022-11-17