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The Student Health offers individual counselling to students in need of support. A counselling session lasts approximately one hour. The subject of the consultation need not be your studies, but may be something that affects them in one way or another. The number of consultations required differs from person to person: sometimes it’s enough with a few sessions, and sometimes a few more are needed.

Every counselling session is led by a qualified personnel who is bound by professional confidentiality. The counselling is held in accordance with the Patient Data Act (SFS 2008:355). It is our goal that the waiting time for a counselling is sufficiently short that you rapidly obtain the help you need, and if we cannot answer your questions, we help you onwards to the appropriate health care facility.

Book an appointment by completing the questionnaire (which is only available to students). Your replies are sent to the Student Health, where the information you provide is treated with confidentiality as specified by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009:400). It will be held in patient records as specified by the Patient Data Act (SFS 2008:355). We will then contact you by e-mail, telephone or text message.

Counselling will take place using remote methods (video call) or on site in a meeting room on one of our three campuses.

Many students are contacting us right now. Therefore, the waiting time for a counselling may be longer than usual.

Book an appointment

(The questionnaire is available only to students. If you are studying at another location, you will find contact details here.)

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