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Courses and workshops


Workshops 2022


Mindfulness - Campus Valla - Hänget, workshop september 15 15:15-17:00
Mindfulness - Campus Valla - Hänget, workshop november 10 15:15-17:00
Mindfulness - Campus Norrköping, workshop october 12 15:15-17:00


Cultural adjustment

Cultural adjustment - Campus Valla - Hänget, october 3 15:15-17:00
Cultural adjustment - Campus Norrköping, october 17 15:15-17:00


Said about the Student Health's courses

The Student Health's courses and workshops received the overall rating of 8.8 / 10 for the autumn semester 2021.


"Our course leader was absolutely fantastic in her way of guiding meditation, getting everyone into the conversation and creating a safe space for everyone to relax and not be afraid to be vulnerable."


"The workshop contained very useful information that you could recognize yourself in and also gave concrete tricks to counteract and change your behavior."


"The lectures have had a good pace, our course leader has been very clear and given many good examples from reality. Both occasions offered a safe and relaxed atmosphere, and the content of the course has been of great help to me personally."

"Clear presentation both with the help of powerpoint and the oral presentation! It's easy to keep up with and interesting topics are covered. You leave with a positive and "lighter" attitude to studies. Nothing is impossible! I am very happy / satisfied to have participated."


"The environment felt very safe and everyone who participated did so in a respectful way. I thought the exercises were difficult and did not feel so good, but the course leader explained in a good way that it’s okay to react in different ways and a little about what is happening in the body and how to think. The course leader was very good."

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