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Sex, Health and Relationships

Do you need to talk to someone about issues relating to sex, health or relationships? Contact Student Health. If we are unable to help, we will refer you to the appropriate facility.


RFSU LiU is a student organisation that spreads knowledge and joy in matters relating to sexuality, all with the aim of improving student life.

Information - national

  • RFSU - The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education
  • RFSL - The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights
  • umo.se -​ Youth Guidance Centres


If you are worried that you may have been infected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD), you can book an appointment at the STD Clinic at the University Hospital (County Council) or at the Ungdomsmottagningen (the Youth Clinic) if you are under 26.


Chlamydia is caused by bacteria and is most commonly spread through unprotected vaginal intercourse and unprotected anal sex. The bacteria can also be transmitted via oral sex without a condom. You can take a chlamydia test if you have had unprotected sex. The chlamydia infection is treated with antibiotics. You can get chlamydia several times. To know for sure that the infection has been treated and you have not got the infection again, you can get tested again after a month. If you have multiple sexual partners you may wish to get tested again after another six months.

klamydiatest.nu (in Swedish)

STD clinics

STD Clinic in Linköping (in Swedish)

STD Clinic in Norrköping (in Swedish)

Sexual abuse

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