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Health and Lifestyle

Health and wellbeing go hand in hand. Here at the Student Health Care Centre, we want to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Some tips for a healthier lifestyle

Read more at the National Health Service website. It offers tips, advice and tools for a healthier lifestyle –everything from diet, alcohol and tobacco to exercise, sleep and sexual health:

NHS webside Live Well 


Stress is a feeling that arises when you feel you have too much to do and too little time, or excessive demands and expectations for yourself. In small amounts, stress can be positive, as it can make us perform better. But stress that lasts for a long period can have negative mental and physical impacts. Stress is one of the most common reasons why students contact Student Health. Here you can read more about student stress, including some self-help tips:

Student stress: self-help tips

Student Health also offers seminars, workshops and individual appointments where you can discuss stress.

Workshops webside

You can also order a presentation or workshop for your class or group. Contact Student Health through the Info Centre:

Ask a question using the contact form

Low mood, sadness or depression?

Most people feel low sometimes, but if it´s affecting your life, there are things you can try that may help:

What is low mood? Am I depressed?


Most people experience anxiety during certain times of their life. Anxiety is a feeling of intense fear or worry, and you feel it very distincly in your body. It can be unpleasant, but is not dangerous. Here you can read more about how to manage anxiety:

Here you can find a cost-free-internet-based psychological self-care program. The program is mainly aimed to you who want to improve your well-being on your own. Its helpful for you with mild to moderate problems with:

Difficulty sleeping, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Difficult emotions, Painful memories, Difficult thoughts:

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Last updated: 2021-02-22