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Looking for opponent in Physics Master Thesis (30 credits)

Isabelle Tanseri - 12/01 2019, 13:49


I am looking for an opponent within Physics who is able to be an opponent on a short notice since I plan on holding my final presentation at around the 12th of February.

Short description:
I am looking at the Universe on the largest observable scale that is measurable today. At this scale, galaxies clump together to form a special network called the cosmic web. This cosmic web is believed to exists due to dark matter attracting galaxies. Among other things, one finds that the galaxies accrete onto long threads that are called filaments. These filaments are the biggest structures that exist in the Universe and are interesting to study for different phenomena. What I am doing is looking at characteristics of filaments and to make a catalogue out of these.

If you are interested and do not have any opponent yet - maybe you are planning to present later this spring but want to be an opponent already now - send a message!

Best regards,

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