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Rules regarding posting notices

Linköping University's web policy states that it is prohibited to use LiU's websites to spread information that is against the law. The university is also not value-neutral. We exercise the right to remove postings containing anti-democratic propaganda, racism, sexism and other items that could cause offence. Postings that indicate some form of cheating or unpermitted means to perform study tasks will also be removed.

Reasons for removal of postings

Wrong contact information

Postings that contain contact information to anyone other than the person making the posting will be removed.

Postings published in the wrong category

If, for example, a posting about ticket sales is posted in the housing category this may be removed.

Prohibited content

Postings containing anti-democratic propaganda, trade or exchange of money, racism, sexism or marketing and information from private companies, societies or individuals unconnected with the university will be removed. NB: The category Ex-jobb/job does allow some information from companies.

Inappropriate wording of content

A posting in the right category with permitted content but worded in an unacceptable manner, for example containing swear words, sexism or racism, etc will be removed.

Repeated posts of a notice

The same notice may only be published once. It is not allowed to publish a notice several times in order for it to end up among the latest posts.

Posting on behalf of others

A notice published on someone else's behalf will be deleted.

More information

Please see Linköping University’s web policy for more information on the guidelines for publishing content on the web.


The Notice Board is a forum that allows LiU students, staff and other advertise, sell and buy goods and services. The Notice Board has no control over transactions between buyers and sellers.

Linköping University is not responsible for the content in the posted notices or for the advertised product or service.


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