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Book a room

All students who have signed the agreement of rules for use of computer, network and system facilities at Linköping University are allowed to book a room on campus for group work or self-studies.

How to book a room

Go to TimeEdit WebReservations and log in with your LiU-ID. If you have trouble logging in, try using a different browser.

  1. Select time for when you want to book a room. Available rooms are shown to your left. Please note that some rooms can be booked 2 weeks in advance and others only 24 hours in advance.
  2. Select the room that you want to book. Under the category Byggnad (Building) you can select to view rooms in certain buildings.  
  3. Book the room by searching for, and selecting, your name under the category Person.
  4. Click Fortsätt (continue) to continue.
  5. Now you can see your reservation data. If everything is in order with your booking, click Boka (book), to book the room.
  6. You will now receive a note that your reservation is done.
  7. To cancel the reservation: select Mina bokningar (my reservations), click on your reservation, then select Ändra (modify) and then Avboka (cancel)
  8. You can also choose to send a receipt of the reservation by email, either to your own email address and/or someone else’s by adding their email addresses.

Rules for use of premises

  • Meals are not allowed.
  • Rooms may not be reshaped/refurnished.
  • Booked rooms not used must be immediately cancelled. Unused reservations expires after 30 minutes.
  • A student may book a maximum of 2x2 hours per day.
  • No reservations after 22:00.

Which rooms can I book?

Besides common University premises at campus Norrköping, Campus Valla and Campus US some departments have rooms that can be booked by the students studying at the department. Information can be found on the department website. Other students cannot book these rooms.

Student Associations

Students can book University premises on behalf of nations, student unions, sections and LUST-approved student associations. Contact studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se for bookings on all campuses.

Or visit Lokalbokningen:

  • Terra Building, entrance 37 for bookings at Campus Valla. Map
  • Kåkenhus for bookings at Campus Norrköping. Map
  • Building 511, entrance 78, floor 10 for bookings at Campus US. Map


To schedule


Questions about schedule or how to book a room contact 1330@liu.se

Questions about how to book a room on behalf of a student association, please contact studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se




Error report for rooms

Please report defects, faults or damages such as broken lights, projectors or other technical equipment.

Error report

To digital resources for technical support

If the room is locked please contact campus guards on telephone 013-28 58 88.

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