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​Bookable spaces open for booking 

From February 9th onwards, the student accocation room booking office is accepting booking requests concerning open spaces again. 

I am:




student assc




Book a room - student

All students who have signed the agreement of rules for use of computer, network and system facilities at Linköping University are allowed to book a room on campus for group work or self-studies.

How to book a room

Go to TimeEdit WebReservations and log in with your LiU-ID. If you have trouble logging in, try using a different browser.

  1. Select time for when you want to book a room. Available rooms are shown to your left. Please note that some rooms can be booked 2 weeks in advance and others only 24 hours in advance.
  2. Select the room that you want to book. Under the category Byggnad (Building) you can select to view rooms in certain buildings.  
  3. Book the room by searching for, and selecting, your name under the category Person.
  4. Click Fortsätt (continue) to continue.
  5. Now you can see your reservation data. If everything is in order with your booking, click Boka (book), to book the room.
  6. You will now receive a note that your reservation is done.
  7. To cancel the reservation: select Mina bokningar (my reservations), click on your reservation, then select Ändra (modify) and then Avboka (cancel)
  8. You can also choose to send a receipt of the reservation by email, either to your own email address and/or someone else’s by adding their email addresses.

Rules for use of premises

  • Rooms may not be reshaped/refurnished.
  • Booked rooms not used must be immediately cancelled. Unused reservations expires after 30 minutes.
  • A student may book a maximum of 2x2 hours per day.
  • No reservations after 22:00.
  • All buildings on all campuses are closed 23.00-05.00 (the University Hospital Campus is closed 22.00-06.00).

Which rooms can I book?

Besides common University premises at campus Norrköping, Campus Valla and Campus US some departments have rooms that can be booked by the students studying at the department. Information can be found on the department website. Other students cannot book these rooms.

Book a room - student associations

Students can book rooms for nations, corps, sections and LUST-approved student associations. More info on how to start a LUST-approved student association here.

Web booking for student associations

TimeEdit WebReservations
Book a room here. Log in with your LiU-ID. If you have trouble logging in, try using a different browser.

Manual for web booking (only in Swedish)
How to book, step by step.

Booking request for student associations

If you need help booking a room on behalf of a student association, create a ticket in the Service web.

If you do not have a liu-id, send an email to studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se for questions or booking requests.

Fill in the form to sent a booking request for one or more rooms. Mandatory information is marked with a *.

Exhibition areas

LOKE administers several exhibition areas, in both Linköping (Campus Valla and US) and in Norrköping (campus Norrköping).
The areas in campus Valla are: Colosseum (building C), C4 foyer (building C), key foyer (building Key) and the A2 foyer (building A). For more info and Pictures, click here.

In Norrköping: Kåkenhus floor 1, Kåkenhus floor 2, Kåkenhus floor 3 and Täppan floor 3. For more info and pictures, click here.

In US: Hasselquist 1 and 2 (outside Hasselquist), Papaver 1 and 2 (outside Papaver) and Digitalis 1 and 2 (outside Digitalis) For more info and pictures, click here.

Reservation of exhibition areas

All exhibition areas must be booked. It is the same reservation routine as for booking a room. The reservation of the exhibition area is free of charge.

Open area furnishing

The Timetable coordination and booking office​ is responsible of ordering moving of existing furniture and ordering of extra furniture. The furniture ordering must be made 2 working days before appointed time!
For more info about area size and maximum quantity of tables for ordering, read the info about the specific campus under the title Exhibition areas.

Reservation times for student associations

Student reservations during lunch hour (12 p.m-1 p.m) or after 5 p.m can be booked anytime during the school year. This also applies on bookings in the weekend.
No other reservations are possible during the semester, until the scheduling of the timetable is finished for the period. Info about these periods can be found at
Timetable coordination and booking office homepage.

Rules for use of premises

  • Rooms may be refurnished, but everything must be put back in place.
  • Booked rooms not used need to be cancelled.
  • No open flames or smoke is allowed in the room, for example candles, tealights.
  • All buildings on all campuses are closed 23.00-05.00 (the University Hospital Campus is closed 22.00-06.00). Student associations may, in special cases, apply for an exemption for activities related to student life through the Timetable coordination and booking office. For more information, contact studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se

Detailed information about safety rules and comfort will be given when the reservation is made.

Storage rooms

Besides our regular rooms and areas, there are storage rooms available.
These are the storage rooms CNAT and CURIA.


Two small storage rooms in the C-building are available for booking. They are about 20 square meters each and are often booked by student associations or fairs to store equipment during longer periods.
You need to get a key to be able to lock the rooms. Please contact studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se for more information.

Locations for sheets

To install the sheets of the association in the Key building (campus Valla) or in Täppan (campus Norrköping), you need to book a space for sheets.

The rules when hanging sheets:

  • Tape is forbidden. A sheet is hung up by cable ties or lace. Some of the spaces do have hooks to facilitate.
  • The sheet need to hang nice and neat at the booked space. The size of the sheet should be 130cm-160cm wide.
  • Each association is responsible for removing the sheet at the last day of the booking.
  • The sheet should not be able to reach from below.
  • One space per association can be booked.
  • The booking is maximum 3 weeks in a row.

Exhibition areas, Valla

C-huset floor 2

Overview C-building:





Colosseum is the open foyer area in the C-building, inside entrance 20 and 16.
The area is divided in 5 areas. These are Minerva, Bacchus, Apollo, Felicitas and Abeona.

Minerva, Bacchus, Apollo and Felicitas holds three tables each. The light strand in the ceiling marks the line for the exhibition of the association. The student association must stay inside this light strand.
Abeona is a smaller area and holds two tables.


Colosseum - Abeona



Colosseum - Bacchus och Minerva



Colosseum - Felicitas och Apollo




The foyer outside C4 is the area along with C4, the area holds 4 tables.



A-building floor 2 - Agora

Agora, the square between A2 and ACAS in the A-building. The area is also namned “Ledsna flickan” and holds ten tables.








Foyer KEY-building floor 2

The Key foyer is the open area inside the entrance to the key building. Maximum tables for the area is Three.


översikt - key







Exhibition areas - US

Furnitures for the areas on US can be retrieved in a storage room near Papaver. The storage room is unlocked.

No advertising, company names, information from companies or funds is allowed on general areas inside the hospital area. Sale, except for ticket sale, is banned.

Music can only be played during the lunch hour, 12-13 or after 17.

us - plan9

us - plan11


Hasselquist 1 and 2

There are two areas outside Hasselquist in the 511 building (floor 9). Both areas holds two tables each.



Papaver 1 and 2

Papaver 1 and 2 are the areas outside Papaver in the 511 building (floor 11). Both areas holds one table each. The passage from entrance 78 must be kept clear. Passage to elevator and stairwell can not be blocked.



Digitalis 1 and 2

The areas Digitalis 1 and 2 are located in the building 511 (floor 11) between Papaver and Digitalis. Maximum two tables per area.



Exhibition areas - Norrköping


Kåkenhus floor 1

kåkenhus plan1


Kåkenhus floor 2

kåkenhus plan2


Kåkenhus floor 3

kåkenhus plan3


Täppan floor 3

täppan plan3


Locations for sheets - KEY

Sheets of the student association can be hanged in the Key building. There are four spaces, two on each floor towards the foyer.
The association do not need to book a specific space, you can hang where there is space.

lakan - key


Locations for sheets - Täppan

lakan - täppan


Contact the booking office for help




Error report for rooms

Please report defects, faults or damages such as broken lights, projectors or other technical equipment.

Error report

If the room is locked please contact campus guards on telephone 013-28 58 88.

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