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Filing a report

Suspected attempts at cheating and other misconduct shall be promptly reported to the vice-chancellor and the matter treated by the university Disciplinary Board.

The term “shall” above implies a duty to file a report, while the term “promptly” implies that it is to be treated with high priority. The report may be filed using a special form, specifying the name of the student involved, course name and code, and a description of the events. Where relevant, the student's exam paper and any material that can serve as evidence for the report must be attached. If the report concerns an international student, it should be written in English. For more information, refer to the checklist on the right. For matters concerning harassment, refer to the information on the LiU Equal Opportunities pages.

Received reports shall be entered into the official register by the Registrar and given a reference number.

The report and any documents associated with the matter constitute public records. If cheating is suspected during a written exam, it shall be dealt with by the invigilator. The invigilator also checks the toilet areas regularly and confiscates any material that may relate to the exam. Suspected attempts at cheating are then reported to the teacher on duty and a report is submitted to Exam Services. The examiner will then decide whether or not the matter should proceed to a formal report. The invigilator's report alone is not sufficient to be regarded as a report.

The examiner must contact the student as soon as possible after the exam to inform the student of the progress of the report. If reason to suspect cheating arises in connection with the marking of a paper or what is known as "skrivningsvisning", the examiner shall submit a written report to the Vice-Chancellor.

In the case that a suspected attempt at cheating is reported, the Examiner is recommended to wait with the assessment of the examination until the matter has been processed and finalised by the Disciplinary Board. The student shall immediately be informed by the Examiner of any measures taken. A reported student may continue to study until the Board has reached a decision.

The dates for Disciplinary Board meetings are decided in advance for each term. The matter is addressed at the next meeting of the Board, within one month, if possible, and normally during term time.



  • The concerned student/s shall be informed that a report has been filed
  • If the report concerns a foreign student, it should be written in English
  • The report should contain a description of the actual course of events

The report must contain:

  • Name of person filing the report and the relevant department/programme
  • Name and personal identification number of the student
  • Course, course code and number of credits
  • If the examination constitutes a course component, this must be specified along with the exam code for the component and number of credits
  • Whether the course is part of a degree programme

Documents to attach:

  • Course syllabus for the relevant course
  • Any written exam instructions
  • Invigilator's report, if applicable
  • The student exam paper/essay/take-home exam etc.
  • Any "cribs", copies of pages with inappropriate notes in authorised aids
  • Link to Urkund plagiarism report, if applicable

Accepted file formats are jpg, pdf and Office. When naming the documents use the student’s initials only, not the full name of the students.

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