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Disciplinary measures

Possible disciplinary measures imposed as a consequence of attempts at cheating are: formal warning and suspension from participation in class and examinations for a period of up to six months.

When determining the period of suspension, the Board considers the scope of the examination, i.e., the number higher education credits it constitutes. The Board assesses whether the student had the intention of acting in a misleading way during the examination.

What happens following the Board’s decision?

The student is informed of the decision immediately after it has been reached.

While on suspension, the student is not allowed to participate in classes, examinations or any other activities within the framework of the course or programme at the university. In practice, this means that the student is not allowed to participate in lectures, seminars, labs, or any kind of examination. The LiU Card and access to LiU ID will not be taken away from the student. Students with financial support from CSN  will not receive any financial support from CSN for the duration of the suspension, since suspended students are not undertaking studies during this period.

Decisions regarding disciplinary matters are announced to all concerned departments, programme coordinators, study advisers and to CSN. The decision specifies the period of any suspension. It is recommended that the exam paper not be marked until the Disciplinary Board has reached a decision in the matter. It is not the task of the Disciplinary Board to determine whether an exam paper should be failed or not, only whether an attempt at cheating was made.

When a student is suspended, a technical block is entered into Ladok (study administration system), which prevents the submission of any results or registrations relating to the student. It is evident from a notification in Ladok that the suspension concerns a set period. The block is removed as the suspension comes to an end, but the information regarding the suspension remains under Studentuppgifter in Ladok.

Minutes are taken and an extract of the minutes is sent to the student and the examiner who made the report.




A student who has been given a formal warning or suspension has the right to appeal the decision to the Administrative Court. The appeal shall have been received within three weeks from the day of the student being notified of the decision. The official letter should be addressed to the Administrative Court but sent to the authority that issued the decision, i.e., LiU, at the address:

Linköpings universitet
581 83 Linköping

The appeal must be made in writing and should contain information regarding the decision that the student is appealing and what adjustment of the decision he/she is requesting. The Board's decision shall apply during the period of appeal.

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