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According to chapter 10 in the Higher Education Ordinance, disciplinary measures can be used against a student who:

1. Uses prohibited aids and equipment, or in any other way, purposely acts inappropriately during the examination or the assessment of a study assignment.

2. Causes disturbance, prevents teaching, examinations or other university related activities from taking place.

Examples of what LiU's Disciplinary Board has judged as cheating:

  • text written onto a formula sheet
  • loose sheets of paper containing the student's own writing during a test
  • plagiarizing an essay
  • copying a programming project
  • working with another group during individual projects when doing so was not allowed

Suspicion of attempt to cheat

If there is suspicion of cheating/irregularities the examiner/supervisor/teacher or labassistant (sometimes after a report from the supervisor of a written examination) hands in a written report to the Disciplinary Board. The examination supervisor also leaves a report with the Examination Service Unit (Tentamensservice). The examinator contacts the student as soon as possible after the examination date to inform of the progress of the reporting. While waiting for the decision a student may continue his/her studies.

Chairman of the Disciplinary Board is the Rector. Furthermore there is a legal representative from the district court, a teacher representative and two student representatives from the student unions LinTek and StuFF. Each of them has a deputy member in case of absence. There are also two persons working with investigating and presenting the case to the Disciplinary Board and a secretary as well.

A letter is sent to the student who is suspected of cheating, informing him/her that he/she has the possibility of submitting a written statement regarding what has happened at the time of the examination and that he/she is given the opportunity of being present at the Disciplinary Board meeting to present his/her case and answering questions.

A date is set for the meeting of the Disciplinary Board, mostly within a month after the examiner’s report. All documents relevant to the case are sent to the members of the Disciplinary Board. The student suspected of cheating is called to the meeting as is also the examiner and other persons who may be important to the case. They are called so that the Disciplinary Board may hear them and, if needed, ask questions. If cheating cannot be established then no disciplinary measures will be taken.

Possible disciplinary measures imposed as a consequence of attempt to cheat are: formal warning and suspension from participation in class and examination during a period of six months. The most common suspension period is two months. As a rule, suspension occurs during the semester, which means that the student is not allowed to participate in classes, lectures, seminaries, labs, any kind of examinations where study achievement is assessed. During the suspension period a student is not allowed to participate in any study related activities, e.g asking the teacher for guidance or tutoring. No results or registration can be reported during the suspension period. A suspension is reported to the departments concerned. The decision normally takes effect as from the day of the meeting. It may be appealed against to the administrative court “Länsrätten”.

The suspension is reported to the departments at Linköping University, others concerned within the University and The Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN). Suspension normally begins on the same day that the decision is made.

Linköping University takes cheating during laboratory work, written exercises, essays and oral examinations, equally seriously.


For further questions, you are welcome to contact:

Camilla Hahn
(Report Submitter)
Tel +46 (0)13 285802

Marie Plantin
(Report Submitter)
Tel +46 (0)13 281392

Malin Gröndahl Maass
(Report Submitter)
Tel +46 (0)13 281507

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(Secretary to the Board)
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Martina Johansson
(Secretary to the Board)
Tel +46 (0) 13 281801

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