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How disciplinary proceedings are handled

  1. The examiner files a report with the vice chancellor and notifies the student that a report has been made.
  2. The vice-chancellor appoints an investigator.
  3. The examiner, student, and other individuals involved are called to a meeting of the Disciplinary board. The student is given the opportunity to submit a statement to the investigator.
  4. The investigator appointed by the vice chancellor investigates.
  5. At the meeting, the investigation is presented to the board, and after that the board members may ask the involved individuals present for further information and clarifications.
  6. The board makes a decision and notifies the student of this the same day.
  7. The secretary of the Disciplinary board enters the period of suspension (if any) into LADOK, and notifies the relevant departments and CSN of the decision.
  8. The student has the right to appeal at the county administrative court against a decision to administer a warning or suspension.

Cases are handled as specified in the Arbetsordningen för Disciplinnämnden. The vice-chancellor is to have the case investigated, and give the student the opportunity to make a statement. A report that has been received is to be recorded by the registrar and given a reference number. The report and the documents that belong to the case are public documents.

The student is to be informed that a report has been received, and is to be given a copy of the report and a call to the meeting. At the same time, the student is encouraged to submit a statement, in order to have the possibility to describe what has happened. The student must submit this statement within one week. In the event of questions concerning the progress of the report, the student is encouraged to contact the report submitter.  

The report submitter to the Disciplinary Board carries out an investigation into what happened. The basis on which the investigation is carried out depends on the circumstances of the case: it may be a report from an examiner, a statement from the student, the course syllabus, information about examinations, the written answers or assignment as submitted, information from the Urkund system, or a report from the invigilator. Approximately one week before the meeting, the investigation is sent to the student. The examiner who has filed the report may also receive the investigation before the meeting of the Disciplinary Board.

The Disciplinary Board prefers, in principle, that the examiner is present at the meeting. If physical presence is difficult, it is possible for the examiner to be present by telephone or video link.

Disciplinary Board

Chairman of the Disciplinary Board is the Rector. Furthermore there is a legal representative from the district court, a teacher representative and two student representatives from the student unions LinTek and StuFF. Each of them has a deputy member in case of absence. There are also two persons working with investigating and presenting the case to the Disciplinary Board and a secretary as well.

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