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Closure of inactive accounts (LiU IDs)

Inactive accounts are closed or have their access limited at regular intervals. Accounts are closed or have their access limited when there hasn’t been any study activity registered for a longer period of time. A study activity is, for instance, when admission, registration or the recording of a result is reported to the Ladok student registry.

Anyone for whom an event has not been reported to Ladok for a period of a year will receive email with detailed information 30 days before the account is closed. A further reminder will be sent 14 days before the closure. All those who have been admitted to a course or programme without subsequently registering for it will receive this email after one term.

It can sometimes be difficult to record results before a deadline. Thus, students can themselves postpone the deletion of their account for two terms. This gives an additional year to record results or registrations in Ladok. If no such measures are taken during the year, however, the account will be closed.

Retaining an alumnus account at LiU

Those who have completed courses for at least 30 credits or have been awarded a degree from LiU may retain an alumnus account, which means that the LiU ID is retained, with access in a limited form. In this case, the user’s email account remains open.


Contact the Info Centre if you have any questions

Use the Info Centre contact form, see telephone number and opening hours.


Frequently asked questions

How does it affect my studies if I don’t have a LiU ID?

You will no longer be able to log in to the university’s IT services and your personal files and email messages will be deleted. You can, however, still obtain administrative help from the Info Centre. The Info Centre can issue registration and result certificates, and can refer questions about such matters as registering for exams and courses to the relevant person within the organisation. 

Closure of your LiU ID does not affect your possibility to apply for courses and programmes at LiU in the future.


How can I obtain certificates with study results after my account has been closed?

It is possible to create an eduID instead, and use this to log in to Ladok and retrieve certificates. Create an eduID at the following website: https://signup.eduid.se/register/email

Certificates can also be obtained by contacting the Info Centre.


How can I register for a course after my account has been closed?

If you are admitted to a course or programme, your LiU ID will be recreated. You can then use your LiU ID to log in and register.


Can I register for exams when my account has been closed?

Contact the Info Centre, who can help you to register. Specify your personal identity number, the course code, and date of the exam.


what happens with my liu-card when my account has been closed?

Your LiU-card will be deactivated when you account is closed or changed to Alumni status.

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Last updated: 2021-08-27