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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does the deletion proceed?

The basic principle is that the student should be registered, and show study activity such as reported results (pass or fail) to keep the LiU-ID (student account).

Deletion of accounts takes place bi-annually. Information about the deletion is sent to concerned students by e-mail. The deletion is carried out one month after the information about the deletion is sent to the students (announcement period). A new search is carried out before actually making the deletion to detect possible changes concerning the requirements for the students who may be affected by the approaching deletion.

A student's LiU-ID is deleted if no results are reported (pass or fail), or if there is no first time registration for the current semester and for the two previous semesters including the date of deletion.

The LiU-ID and other related systems will not be able to log-on any longer. All data is deleted, but not until one month after the inactivation. The user id (fffnn123) is kept in "quarantine" for a period of 2 years, and is collected again if the student returns. Examples of a valid activity are first time registration, re-registration with report of results, study break and studies abroad.

If you become an active student again, and your LiU-ID was not deleted, you will receive an e-mail message confirming this.

How do I influence the decision?

The reason for changing the decision regarding deletion during the announcement period is if the information in the administrative system (Ladok) is incorrect or insufficient. If you are wrongfully considered an inactive student, you must take action to have this information corrected. Remember that you only have one month beginning from the date you received the e-mail announcement about deletion.

  • If you are missing a registration or report of the results from a course or program, you must contact the department responsible for the course. Re-registration with no reported results does not count.
  • If you have recently resumed your studies, and you consider yourself to be an active student, please contact the study counsellor or the administrator at the department to make a plan for your continuing studies ("studieplan").
  • If you have a study break but you have not reported this, do it immediately. This is handled differently in the different faculties. It has to be done in the Student portal or via a written form.
  • If you are studying abroad, but you have not reported this, do it immediately.

Can I still have access to some services?

Yes, if you have finished and passed at least 30 credits at Linköping University, you can keep your LiU-ID, but with a limited access. As an alumnus (former student) you retain access to some of the IT-services in the Student portal: study results, verifiable transcripts and the ability to change your address. You can also keep your student e-mail account. To access the Student portal, use your usual login. If you have forgotten your password, contact the Student Service Desk by e-mail central.studexp@liu.se or telephone 013-28 20 00.

If you want to continue to receive e-mails with student news subscribe to LiU-nytt-s.

How are my studies affected if I don't have a LiU-ID?

The deletion does not affect your possibility to study! You are not excluded from the studies, you remain in Ladok, and all the other data bases, and everything you can do in the Student portal can also be done by telephone, e-mail or a visit. It does not affect admissions or applications. You are still very welcome to study at the University again, and if your LiU-ID is deleted it will be kept in quarantine for two years. If you come back within this period you will have the same LiU-ID as before.
The difference is that you will no longer have access to the main part of all electronic services for students at Linköping University. Access to student e-mail, the Student portal, Lisam, software, the computer systems at the departments and the LiU-card are inactive.

How do I proceed if I want my LiU-ID back after it has been deleted?

  •  A confirmation will be sent to be able to un-lock your LiU-ID. You can get an activation key at the Student Service Desk by the following Friday at the earliest.
  • If you are admitted to a new course you can get an activation key the day after registration at the Student Service Desk.
  • If your LiU-ID has been deleted, but you correspond to the requirements of a result reported in Ladok, you can get the activation key to activate your LiU-ID again the day after reporting in Ladok . Examples of issues like this are, e.g. first time registration and report of results. You will retrieve the same ID and all you have to do is get the activation key.

How do I get a transcript of records?

A transcript of records can be retrieved manually. You can get it by visting or calling the Student Service Desk, telephone 013-28 20 00.

How do I register?

Registration can also be done manually by visiting or calling the Student Service Desk, telephone 013-28 20 00.

How do I registration for exams?

It is possible to register for exams by visiting or calling the Student Service Desk, telephone 013 - 28 20 00. Do not forget to register for exams ten days before the exam date.

What happens to my e-mail?

If you haven't finished and passed at least 30 credits, and can keep your e-mail, you can forward it. If you want to do this, you need to activate forwarding before your LiU-ID expires.

  • If you do NOT choose to forward your mail, an automatic reply, that the account has expired, for the following 12 months after account expiration. When the 12 months are up, all additional mail will be bounced with the message “That account does not exist”.
  • However, if you have chosen to forward your mail, then your mail will be forwarded along with an automatic reply that the account has expired, for the next 12 months from the date that your account expires. When 12 months have passed, it will be sent a bounce message (the account does not exist).

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