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Studieplatser Campus US

Opening hours and study areas

Opening hours and access to University premises

Entrances to buildings with libraries and Info Centre are open according to the opening hours of the current business. For opening hours, see below:

With a LiU Card you have also access to university premises the following hours:

  • Campus Valla - 5.00 am-11.00 pm, weekdays and weekends
  • Campus Norrköping - 5.00 am-11.00 pm, weekdays and weekends
  • The University Hospital Campus - 6.00 am-10.00 pm, weekdays and weekends
  • Campus Lidingö 6.00 am-11.00 pm weekdays, 8.00 am-6.00 pm weekends

To gain access when the LiU:s premises are closed you need to apply for an exempion.

Always have your LiU-card with you and be prepared to show your LiU-card for a security guard or LiU staff.

Study areas

Do you want to study in a group with other students or i peace by yourself? Here is a list of the different study areas that are available on campus.

Study areas at Campus Valla

Building Floor/room Number of seats Map Error report
A 2, 3 242 + 384 Map Report
B (next to Blå torget) 3 125 Map Report
C 1 340 Map Report
D 3 24 (by IBL) Map Report
Fysikhuset 2, 3 120 + 60 Map Report
G 3 25 Map Report
I I:1 35 Map  Report
I I:2 35 Map Report
Key 2, 3, 4 145 + 30 + 24 Map Report
Kårallen, writing room 1   Map Report
Studenthuset 2-6 1000 Map Report
Tema 2, 3 50 + 10


Vallfarten 2, 3 28 Map Report

Study areas at Campus Norrköping

Building Floor Number of seats Map

Error report

Kopparhammaren 2 ground floor-2


Map Report
Kopparhammaren 7 1 40 Map Report
Kåkenhus 1-5 650 Map Report
Täppan 3-6 400 Map Report
Campus Norrköping Library   210   Report

Study areas at Campus US

Building Floor Number of seats Map Error report
Building 421, Café Cellskapet in Glasentrén 8 112 Map Report
Building 462, next to lecture hall Nils Holger 8 21 + 12 Map Report

Silent reading rooms

  • Campus Valla: silent reading room and room 4165 on floor 4 in Studenthuset, room T31 in C buildning. Map
  • Campus Norrköping: 21 seats, next to the Campus Norrköping Library.   
  • Campus US: next to the Medical Library, entrance 65 floor 9. Map

You can also find silent reading rooms at the libraries

Study areas at the Student Union houses

You can also find study areas off campus, at the Student Unions' houses. Note that the student union buildings have different opening hours, access rules and types of equipment.

Rooms for reflection

The rooms for reflection have been created for students and staff seeking tranquillity, silence, reflection, prayer or meditation. The idea is that anyone, at any time, is be able to go there and spend as much time there as needed. You should feel that you are alone, although there are others in the room. Therefore, it is important that we show respect for each other's privacy and space requirements.

Campus Valla: B-building, entrance 21

Campus Norrköping: Kårhuset staircase, floor 3

Campus US: Landstingets room Mediterina

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 07:00-21:00 and Saturday 09:00-15:00

Use your LiU-card and personal code to enter the room. For problems with access contact infocenter@liu.se


Rooms for rest

The rooms for rest can be used by students and employees for occasional rest, such as nausea or headaches.

Campus Valla: Resting rooms in building A, C, G and Key. Contact the Campus guards by telephone 013-28 58 88 to get access to a room. There is also a resting room in house I:2 at the psychologist reception. The room is accessed according to the instructions on the corridor door to the reception.

Campus Norrköping: Resting rooms in building Täppan, floor 5 and Kåkenhus, floor 3 (by InfoCentre). Contact the Campus guards on telephone 013-28 58 88 to get access.

Campus US: Resting rooms in building 511/001 floor 11, entrance 75 and building 240 floor 10, entrance 15. Use your LiU-card and personal code to enter the room. For problems with access contact infocenter@liu.se

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Last updated: 2022-11-22