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Transferring credit

If you have previously studied at a Swedish or foreign university or institution of higher education, you can apply to have credit for this transferred to Linköping University. Professional activity or other education may also, in certain cases, have supplied you with knowledge or expertise for which credits can be given in a university education.

When you apply for transfer of credit, we examine the level, extent, quality, focus and learning outcomes of your previous studies, in the light of, for example, the course syllabus that you are claiming credit for. You must be a student at Linköping University to apply for transfer of credit. 

It is important that you contact a study adviser if you are unsure about the significance of transferring credit (see below: Contact). 

Examples of credit transfer

  • You want to apply for a degree to be issued, for which certain courses are required. You consider that you have already gained the knowledge covered by these courses, and do not want to repeat the study.
  • You have taken courses abroad that you want to include in your degree. 
  • You have already studied or gained knowledge of certain parts of a course and do not want to have to take the complete course.
  • You have gained knowledge and expertise through professional activities that you want to count towards a degree.

Situations in which it is NOT appropriate to apply to transfer credit

  • If you have taken courses at a Swedish university or Swedish institution of higher education and plan to use the credits from these courses in a general degree, it is not necessary to apply for the credits to be transferred. This may be the case when, for example, you design your own education and read for a Bachelor of Arts degree (filosofie kandidat). You select which courses you want to have included when you apply for the degree to be awarded. If you are unsure about how this applies to your case, contact a study adviser.
  • If you apply to take a later part of a programme, you should not at the same time apply to transfer credit. This will become relevant if you are admitted to the programme.
  • If you are to move to another university or institution of higher education, you should not apply for transfer of credit at Linköping University, but consult the university or institution of higher education to which you are moving.

Important considerations before applying

  • Student financing from CSN is not available for courses whose credits are transferred. You must yourself inform CSN of all changes that you make that may affect your student financing.
  • If you cannot wait for your application for transfer of credit to be processed due to CSN, you can send an extract from, for example, a student portal that describes the courses you have taken directly to CSN.
  • Make sure that you have the required documents relating to the courses whose credits you want to transfer. For studies undertaken in Sweden, you must attach course syllabuses, a study plan where appropriate, literature list, degree certificate, and certificate of study results.
  • For studies undertaken abroad, you must attach an official transcript of records, course or programme syllabus, and diploma (including diploma supplement). The certificate should specify the course name, level, number of credits awarded, and grade. Attach all pages of the documents, and information about the credits and grading system at the university.
  • If you are claiming credit to be transferred for professional activities, you must attach a certificate of service. This should specify the date of issue, signature of employer, contact details of the employer, the extent of the work, the period during which work was performed, and the tasks carried out.

Applying to transfer credit

  • You must be a student at Linköping University to apply for transfer of credit.
  • For further information about how to apply, contact the relevant faculty (see below: Contact).

Processing an application

It can take up to 8 weeks to process an application. If the application is not complete, we may ask for additional information before it can be processed.

Appealing against a decision

If you have any questions concerning a decision about transferring credit, contact the person who made the decision. It is possible to appeal against a negative decision to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH). An appeal is to be addressed or delivered to:

registrator@liu.se or

Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping

The appeal is to contain information about which decision you are appealing against by specifying the reference number or case number that is stated in the decision. Describe also in the appeal how you want the decision to be changed and give the reasons why. Your appeal must be received by the university no later than three weeks after you have been informed of the decision. If your appeal is received after the deadline, it will be rejected. If Linköping University does not reject the case, it will be transferred to the Higher Education Appeals Board together with the documents.


The various faculties have collected information that we ask you to read before applying for transfer of credit. Follow the relevant link below. You will also find information about whom to contact if you have any questions. It is always a good idea to contact the relevant faculty if you are unsure about your case.

Persons who are not students at Linköping University and who have questions about transferring credit are welcome to contact the general study advisory service:


Translated by George Farrants


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