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How is the University improving?

Through the years the Student Questionnarie has contributed to many improvements. Here is a selection of things that happend thanks to the students who answered the Student Questionnaire:

  • Improvement of the wireless network
  • New booking system to book a study room.
  • The Student Unions used the result from the Student Questionnaire 2015 to bring the question of lack of foresight to the University Management. This resulted in a decision to schedule the students for the whole semester to increase the ability to plan ahead to reduce stress.
  • The Student Health Care Center received more resources to work preventive with the students´ health.
  • Projectors in all of LiU:s classrooms.
  • New system to report errors (if, for example, a microwave oven is broken)
  • LiU Career Gate, global portal for student jobs and career opportunities.
  • Review of Study areas at Campus US.
  • Renovation of the C-buildning, e.g. new student kitchen and more study areas.
  • Reconstruction of  ”Blå torget” in the B-building with new student kitchen and improved study areas.
  • More and improved study areas in the Key-buildning.
  • Mobile station with microwaves in the Key-buildning.
  • More and improved study areas in the Fysik-buildning.
  • Search for placements for mobile microwave stations at Campus US and Campus Norrköping.
  • Marked areas for bicycle parking, the Corso.


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