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What would you like to improve at LIU?

If you could choose one single thing to improve at LIU, what would you choose? This is what some students said:

Axel Orre- I would like to see that students get more time with their teachers. Sometimes it feels like you as a student are something the teachers have to deal with even though they don´t want to.

Axel Orre, Business Administration at Campus Valla





Olle Ostergren- I belive in strenghten the integration between the faculties and in creating more platforms for meetings between students from different programs. It could be seminars between programs where different scientific fields meet or maybe sport tournaments between the sections! It is through the meetings we develop- let us develop the meetings!

Olle Östergren, Psychology program at Campus Valla




Anna- A problem that I think is important to work with are the hidden costs for students. Some students that have placement (VFU) in other locations as a part of their studies pay accommodation and travel themselves, which is not the easiest thing to do with the limited budget they already have.

Anna Kullberg, Physiotherapy program at campus US.




Axel- That more students get the chance to study at an English speaking University. More students should get the chance to get out into the world and experience all the positive things that a new culture and education means. There are too few places for studies in the US, for example.

Axel Halldin studies Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at campus Valla.




david- I would like LIU to improve the procedures for feedback on examination elements, such as exams. Today, the feedback (if ever made) is usually given with the whole class, which is a resource-efficient but an ineffective method that makes it difficult to get individual feedback on your exam.

David Olander studies to be a physician, campus US.




Dennis- I would like to see a more equitable allocation of funds between faculties. This is to increase the number of teaching hours in social sciences and humanities.

Dennis Malm studies a social and cultural program, campus Norrköping.

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