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How is my faculty improving?

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Clarity: What the requirements are, which criteria apply for assessment, how feedback will be done, etc. This is detailed in course instructions and programme-specific documents.

Feedback: Clarify when and how feedback will be provided to the student.

Student influence: To be enabled e.g. through formalised meetings such as programme councils, course councils and evaluation meetings where student representatives appointed by the student organisations take part. Programmes/subjects have also worked on visualising the possibilities for student influence on the web.

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • New guide for the introduction of problem-based Learning has been implemented.
  • Training for examiners and education coordinators at the master´s and doctoral levels.
  • Seminar on feedback and on how clarity regarding requirements can be increased.
  • Stress management training to reduce the negative stress experienced by students.
  • Training for supervisors on placements, as an element of further quality.
  • Clarify information about the options available for internationalization within the study programmes.

Institute of Technology

Equal opportunities/discrimination: An in-depth study has been carried out to provide more information about the causes of discrimination. This work is in progress; in-depth interviews will be held in 2015 to follow up the first questionnaire.

Studies abroad: In order to improve information about studies abroad, the Institute has expanded cooperation with the Sections and worked to improve the information available on the faculty’s web pages.

Study Guidance: In order to increase accessibility, students can now book their appointments with study counsellors via a booking system. Staff have been reorganised at the secretariat, and an online chat function introduced during the application period and at the beginning of term. Consultation hours in connection with applications have been extended.

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Placements: A student council has been established for placements, with student representatives, a placement team and field mentor representatives. The aim is to raise issues regarding placement and to make suggestions for improvements.

Student influence: Increased cooperation with students in subject councils and student councils.

Feedback: Clarification of when and how feedback will be provided to the student.

Long-term planning: More stringent requirements regarding information to students for example by improving program web pages.

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Last updated: 2017-03-22