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Security abroad

Most of the time, foreign visits are completely trouble-free, but sometimes situations may arise when you may need advice or information on how to proceed. These sources can help you if a crisis occurs:

  • LiU has a collective insurance for exchange students and trainees. If you are insured through LiU and are seriously ill, are in an emergency or need assistance to seek urgent care, contact Falck Global Assistance (+46 8 587 717 49, fga@se.falck.com). If you want to read more about LiU's collective insurance, see Insurance.
  • The insurance company has an app that you can download if you want to bring, among other things, emergency numbers within the EU and information on what to do in case of acute illness or accidents associated with foreign studies. Read more at Kammarkollegiet's website.
  • Read the safety information on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet, UD). You can also download the UD app "resklar" (in Swedish) containing the corresponding information.
  • Write your contact information on the "Sweden Abroad List", that is, the contact list used by the UD / Embassy to quickly contact you if a crisis situation would hit your host country while you are there.

If you feel that you need to work through your experiences after your visit abroad, you can get free support via Student Health at LiU. Your faculty can help you adjust your study path if there is a need for it due to unforeseen situations, for example, if you need to travel home earlier than expected.

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Last updated: 2018-04-19