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Erasmus+ programme

The Erasmus+ programme is funded by the European Union and it makes it possible to study with a scholarship at a university in another European country, on the same terms as a domestic students. You can also get a scholarship for practical training in a company or organisation in Europe. Read more about the Erasmus scholarships by clicking in the menu to the left.

In the Erasmus Student Charter you can read about your rights and obligations as an Erasmus student.

Distance education or placement and the Erasmus+ Grant

Due to the ongoing pandemic you might follow online courses offered by the partner university or do job tasks for the placement organisation. How does distance education/placement affect the Erasmus+ scholarship?

  • If you follow courses offered by the partner university/perform online job tasks for the host placement organistion online from Sweden or antoher country other than the host country, you will not receive an Erasmus scholarship for those days.
  • If you follow online courses offered by the host university or perform job tasks online for the host placement organisation from the host country (physical mobility) you are entitled to the Erasmus+ scholarship. Note that you will have to prove that you in fact were in the country by, for example, showing flight or train tickets.
  • The total mobility (virtual from Sweden and in the host country) must be at least 60 days for Erasmus placement and at least 90 days for Erasmus studies.

Brexit and Erasmus+

The UK is no longer part of the Erasmus+ programme starting from the new Erasmus programme 2021-27. This means that students going to the UK will not be granted an Erasmus+ grant.

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Erasmus+ at your fingertips!

Have you downloaded the Erasmus+ app?

The app can be at tool for finding information and getting tips at the university and city you will be traveling to. Perhaps you are interested in a "buddy" att the host university? Accommodation? Second hand stores? A good place to have coffee?

You can also contribute to the app with tips and share your Erasmus experience.

You login with eduGAIN to which your LiU ID is connected. You can find it where you find other apps.

Read more:  Erasmus+ at your fingertipsor check the webinar Eramus goes digital

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Last updated: 2022-06-28