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Studera utomlands

LiU Global - Study abroad through the Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Every year, more than 300 students at the Faculty of Arts & Sciences choose to go abroad and study for one semester or more at one of the faculty’s partner institutions. Exchange studies give students the opportunity to take on new academic challenges and to experience a new culture.

Erasmus placement grant enables students to take on internships in other parts of Europe.


Students with “residence permit for higher education” in Sweden

Exchange studies or placements abroad will affect your residence permit in Sweden and your eligibility for your Swedish personal identity number. If you hold a residence permit for studying in Sweden please get in contact with the Swedish Migration Agency and The Swedish Tax Agency in case you plan exchange studies or placement abroad within your study program at LiU.



Exchange studies/placements abroad and travel restrictions


You should not go on exchange/placement abroad if the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs bans travels to the country or region you plan your studies/placement at. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets different levels of these travel bans and already when the lowest level is in place, you should cancel your exchange/placement and/or return to Sweden.



For general information regarding exchange studies, partner universities, application etc. please contact international@ffk.liu.se

If you have questions about the coming application round in September do not hesitate to contact us via email. We can book a Teams meeting, telephone meeting or a meeting on-site.


Map to FFK International in D-buildning (pdf)


POSTAl adDRESS (for applications outgoing students)

Linköping University
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Att. Kristin Tell
581 83 Linköping, Sweden

If the partner university wants a member of staff to be mentioned as contact, please write Kristin Tell.

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Last updated: 2022-10-04