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Faculty of Medicine and Health Science – studies and internship abroad

Students at our Experimental and Medical Biosciences programme are welcome to apply for exchange studies. In our search portal in the left menu you can see which places are available to you.

Deadline exchange studies

The deadlines for applying for exchange studies are February 1 for the next autumn semester or academic year and September 10 for the next spring semester.


Your administrative contact person for exchange studies is Sabina Kinywa, sabina.kinywa@liu.se. You can also apply to go as an Erasmus placement student, for internships or thesis projects. More information in the menu to the left. Your administrative contact person for Erasmus placements is Anna Sandelin, anna.sandelin@liu.se. The academic contact person for your programme is Eva Lindström, eva.lindstrom@liu.se.

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Last updated: 2019-02-15