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Student-UT insurance for studies or placement abroad

New conditions for Student UT from 2021-07-01

The new conditions that come into force on 2021-07-01 mean

The insurance does not apply in the countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel, even if the advice only applies to a specific area in the country.

The insurance will apply in countries where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary travel.

Which countries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to is stated on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.



Studies do not count as necessary travel. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against advice during the trip, the student has 30 days to travel home. In the event of a special case, the Chamber of Deputies may make an exception to the 30-day rule. If you have an ongoing stay before and after this date, the new conditions from 1 July apply regardless.


Who is covered?

You are covered when you study abroad as an exchange student since you are registered as a bachelor or a master student at Linköping University and are studying or completing a placement as part of an agreement with the host university/placement location. The Student-UT insurance applies to studies  abroad. It  provides an insurance cover that is equivalent to the general student insurance, and also  a travel insurance cover. For more information, please visit the website of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, Kammarkollegiet.

If you do not go as an exchange student and intend for your studies or placement to be credited, upon return to Sweden, you will go as so called free-mover. See the information below regarding what you need to do in order to obtain the Student-UT insurance .

What does it cover?

The Student-UT insurance only provides basic cover. The insurance does not have any specified monetary limit. Since each person's insurance needs vary, you must always examine the full terms and conditions set by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, Kammarkollegiet which is the authority providing the insurance. If, for example, you intend to visit a third country during your stay abroad, ensure that you take out insurance to cover that country. The Student-UT insurance policy is valid:

  • 24 hours a day in the country of study/internship
  • Two weeks before and after this period, and during direct travel between the host country and the home address or term-time address in Sweden
  • During holidays provided that the student stays in the host country and the studies continue after the holidays
  • During direct travel from one host country to another, in order to continue studies in that country
  • With no excess except for Property Cover, for which the excess is SEK 1,500

StudentUt Insurance for exchange students 

If you are going abroad as an exchange student and have been nominated to go to one of LiU´s partner universities you are automatically insured via StudentUT. If you need an Insurance certificate to apply for a Visa , rental contract etc. you request it´s easy to apply for it in the online portal where you applied for the exchange studies. You have to give information about start and end date of your studies. You should also include Orientation days and language courses that starts prior to the semester. Within a week you will receive an e-mail to your student e-mail containing your insurance certificate. 

Utbytesportal Tekfak (Science and Engineering)

Utbytesportal Filfak (Arts and Sciences)

Utbytesportal Medfak (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Utbytesportal UV (Educational Sciences)

Freemover- apply for insurance and (if necessary) insurance certificate, see instructions below

1) If you are not going as an exchange student, but intend your studies or placement to be credited upon your return to Sweden, you can apply for the StudentUT insurance.

  • In order to obtain the Student-UT insurance you are required to submit this signed Insurance agreement between LiU and the host university/organisation.
  • If you are going as a MFS student this MFS Individual agreement must be signed and submitted.
  • Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences should use this insurance agreement.

In order for the insurance to be valid it must be signed by both LiU and the host university/organisation. The agreement must be signed by the Programme Director or study adviser, who certifies that you intend for the specified study/placement period abroad to be credited.

Upload the signed agreement in this online form. Within a week you will receive an e-mail to your student e-mail containing your insurance certificate.


2) If you are going abroad on a course, field study etc that is arranged by Linköping University and no receiving part can sign an agreement you have to apply specifically for an Insurance. This Personal Insurance policy must be filled in and signed by you as a student an by your Programme Director. The Programme Director takes the cost for the Insurance. Upload the Personal Insurance policy in this online formWithin a week you will receive an e-mail to your student e-mail containing your insurance certificate.

Insurance claims - if something happens

If you are liable for medical expenses abroad, your personal belongings are damaged or something is stolen, you should fill in an insurance claim form. Please fill in the form according to the instructions and send to:

Linköping University
International Office
S-581 83 Linköping

We will certify that you are a student at Linköping University and forward the claim to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, Kammarkollegiet for processing and payment. If you have any questions regarding your insurance claim, you are welcome to email student.ut@liu.se.

The European Health Insurance Card, EU-card

If you travel to the Nordic countries, other countries within the EU/EEA and Switzerland, you must carry a European Health Insurance Card, EU-card. This EU-card gives you the right to medically necessary healthcare benefits without cost apart from the  patient's fee. The card gives the bearer the right to hospital treatment, medical and dental care, medicines etc. that are provided within the public healthcare system in the country you are in. The card shall always be presented in connection with treatment. Third country nationals, i.e. students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA area (including Switzerland), should contact kundcenter@forsakringskassan.se to obtain a EU-card. Persons who are citizens of an EU/EEA country (including Switzerland) and only enter Sweden to study must bring a EU-card from their homeland.

If you have any questions concerning Student-UT, please contact student.ut@liu.se.


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