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Independently organised studies

If you want to study abroad at a university that LiU does not currently have cooperation with or complete a placement, as a rule you must initiate this yourself. This also applies if you wish to study something that cannot be counted as part of your degree at LiU. Planning is everything!


Are you considering independently organising studies or a placement, i.e., as a free mover?

  • Think before you act: why, what and where? Do you want to deepen or broaden the content of your degree from LiU?
  • Search for information on the foreign university/organisation, country, education system, etc.
  • Find out more about the safety situation in the host country, for example by checking the information from your Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  • Check that the university is recognised: Studera.nu listed countries (in Swedish).
  • Contact the foreign university/organisation. Find out about their admission requirements, language requirements, semester fees, semester dates, etc.
  • If you have CSN funding, you can also apply for funding for your studies abroad. Check that the university is approved for CSN funds: regulations concerning acceptable standards
  • If you are accredited for your studies abroad, contact your course/study programme/institute
  • Scholarships: Apply for scholarships 
  • Apply for a student visa if required. Please see the information from the embassy and from the host university.
  • Check whether or not you require special vaccinations: Vaccination guide (in Swedish)
  • Make sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage: StudentUT insurance
  • Do not take study leave from your programme if you want to apply for the StudentUT insurance.
  • Observe Students that study on Independently organised studies (Separate course) at the Faculty of arts and Sciences are not covered by the Student UT insurance and need to get a private insurance.


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Last updated: 2022-09-06