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Studying abroad with disabilities

Study and Work Abroad for All (SWAFA) facilitates for young people with disabilities to study and complete a placement in a foreign country. Their web page hosts a database with information about the university. It is adapted for students with disabilities and organisations that can take on students with disabilities as volunteers or in work placements. The database contains over 1,000 universities, primarily in North America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world, as well as welfare organisations such as Amnesty International and aid organisations in developing countries. The database also provides addresses for disability organisations in countries that can send information on available accommodation, means of transport, general accessibility, where to go to find means of assistance or personal assistance.

SWAFA, Study and Work Abroad for All

Contact LiU:s coordinators for students with disabilities

Support from the Erasmus programme

Students with disabilities can be granted extra scholarship funding when they go abroad within the Erasmus programme. The extra funding is meant to cover increased costs connected to special needs for:

  • Special transport
  • Adapted accommodation
  • Assistance during lectures (note taking etc.) or at home
  • Medical follow-up (Physiotherapy, ordinary medical check-up in the host country)
  • Special material (Braille texts, enlarged photocopies, recordings etc.)
  • Preparatory sign language course

Please contact Erasmus Institutional Coordinator Ulrika Åstrand  (013-28 28 02) well ahead of your departure in order to get more information and help to write an application for extra funding.


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