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LiTH International

Visiting address: D-Building, Campus Valla, Linköping, Sweden.

Postal address:
Linköping University, Faculty of Science and Engineering 
Dean's Office
Att: LiTH International
SE-581 83 Linköping


Anna Andersson

Coordinator LiTH International
Exchange agreements (new Erasmus/Bilateral)
isitors and general matters
E-mail: anna.andersson@liu.se
international@lith.liu.se (for exchange agreements)
Phone number: +46 13 28 10 28


Gabriella Hedin

International Exchange Coordinator
Outgoing students: information and applications 
Erasmus placement 
E-mail: outgoing@lith.liu.se (for outgoing students and Erasmus placement)
Phone number: +46 13 28 46 73


Claudia Schmid

International Exchange Coordinator
Incoming students: information and applications 
incomin@lith.liu.se (for incoming students)
Phone number: +46 13 28 46 14


Åsa Olsson
International Exchange Coordinator 
Incoming students: information and applications
Master students
incoming@lith.liu.se (for incoming students),
master.fse@liu.se (for master students)
Phone number: +46 13 28 10 15


Emma L Bengtsson
International Exchange Coordinator 
Master students
Incoming students: information and applications
E-mail: master.fse@liu.se (for master students),
incoming@lith.liu.se (for incoming students)
Phone number: +46 13 20 46 48

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Last updated: 2020-02-11