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Study and internships abroad, and advice from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

If the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) advises against travel to a country or region, you should not travel there for an exchange visit, education in the workplace or an internship. The advice given by the MFA has different levels, where the lowest is that non-essential travel should not be undertaken. If the MFA has issued this advice, exchange visits, education in the workplace and internships should be cancelled or curtailed, and you should return to Sweden.  


Please note that students must update themselves on respective country's entry rules, such as requirement for vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests).

Travel abroad for study or internships is permitted only if the following conditions are met:
• the MFA has not advised against travel to the country. (Students should not embark on such travel as soon as advice against non-essential travel has been issued).
• the host institution or organisation is prepared to receive international students and follows the regulations of the host country with respect to visits.

The situation can, of course, change suddenly, and it is therefore important that students who have planned a period abroad for study or on an internship prepare a backup plan in collaboration with the study adviser, faculty programme director, or an equivalent person in case the period spent abroad must be cancelled at short notice. It is also possible to follow courses given by the host institution using remote methods if this is offered.  
More information about how remote teaching may affect an Erasmus Scholarship.

LiU will not pay compensation to students for additional costs, such as the need to pay double rent or flight bookings that cannot be cancelled, if the exchange visit has to be cancelled.

Frequently asked questions about study and internships abroad

What should I do if the Ministry for Foreign Affairs issues advice not to travel? 

Contact your faculty coordinator at LiU immediately. Examine together with the possibilities open to you, such as studying at LiU, or carrying out the visit virtually using online methods.

Can LiU instruct me to return to Sweden and thus compel me to discontinue my period abroad? 

• If something unexpected happens, such as political unrest or a natural disaster, LiU will contact you and encourage you to return to Sweden and LiU.  
• If the MFA issues advice against travel not associated with an unexpected event, but rather associated with, for example, a pandemic, it is your responsibility to monitor the advice and contact LiU. Use the MFA app “Resklar” to follow developments in the country you plan to visit.  
• LiU cannot compel you to remain in Sweden or return to Sweden. The university will, however, recommend strongly that you follow recommendations issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which has expert knowledge. You should also be aware of the information given below about insurance, and that it is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the embassy in the country that you are visiting that can, to a certain degree, assist you, not LiU. 

What about insurance?  

With effect from 1 July 2021, the Student-UT insurance will not be valid in cases in which the MFA has issued advice against travel before you leave Sweden. If the MFA issues advice against all travel while you are already in another country, the insurance will cover certain expenses, but not all. Further, compensation may be subject to specific conditions, more information about which is available on the website of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency: Information about the Student-UT insurance. 
If the advice given is less categorical, i.e. advice against non-essential travel, the Student-UT insurance will be valid. However, it is LiU’s opinion that you should not travel even in this case.
The insurance is valid in the period until 30 June 2021 even if advice against travel has been issued before you travel. Note, however, that the insurance covers certain expenses but not all.

If the host country requires me to complete a quarantine period on my arrival, does LiU cover costs associated with the quarantine?

No, LiU does not cover any quarantine costs.

Can I carry out or continue my period abroad online?

Yes, to the extent to which the partner university, organisation or company offers this possibility, you can conduct the complete period abroad virtually, using online methods. It is also possible to do so for part of the period if the advice against travel is issued while you are abroad and you must return to Sweden. Always inform your faculty coordinator at LiU that you are continuing the period of study “abroad” using online methods.  

The partner university, organisation, or company I am visiting does not offer the possibility to use online methods. What should I do? 

Contact your faculty coordinator to discuss how to act. Each such case will require an individual solution. 

Will I receive the Erasmus Scholarship?  

A study period must be of at least 90 days’ duration to qualify as an Erasmus exchange. The days on which you study when physically present on campus at the host or when using remote methods are used to calculate scholarship-qualifying days. 

LiU pre-departure webinar

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The webinar (held in English) answered questions about security and insurance, practical questions and tips and advice for studies abroad in the spring term 2022. You will also hear from two current exchange students about their time abroad.

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