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Support for student ideas

Have you ever been thinking about something that should exist in a sustainable future? Maybe your idea comes from a course you have been doing, or a project you already have worked with a bit?

Maybe there are ideas or innovations within you which you want to become a project, start-up or even a company? Maybe you feel a need to create actual change in our society?  LiU Student Innovation is here to help you! 


LiU Student Innovation can provide:


  • Toolsskill sets and feedback to develop and formulate your idea to create profound value in your early-stage ideas. 
  • Organised matchmaking with other students and organisations to add their competence necessary for your idea.
  • Guidance to other actors in our regional support system for your idea. Actors deriving from the university, our two local science parks, other incubators, regional municipalities, and many more.

The support is free as long you are studying at LiU.  

Contact Simon Boiertz or Oliwer Schultz to find out more!

Page manager: studentredaktionen@liu.se
Last updated: 2022-04-20