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Student influence

At Linköping University, student influence is a priority issue. Student influence that works well is of vital importance for the quality of education and, to a great extent, the environment that students work in.

As a student at Linköping University you can influence education at the University by being represented at the University’s decision-making and preparatory bodies. You can also influence education by taking part in the course evaluations the University is obliged to carry out at the end of each course.

Student representation

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, students in higher education are entitled to be represented in all decision-making and preparatory bodies within the University where the activity is of importance for the education and the students’ situations.

Where decisions are not to be made or preparatory work not carried out by a body but by a single person, information should be provided to and consultation take place with student representatives in good time before decisions are made and preparatory work completed (Chapter 3, Section 9 of the Higher Education Ordinance).

It is the students’ unions who appoint the student representatives and their term of office will be for one academic year. If you would like to find out more about becoming a student representative, contact your students’ union.

Course evaluation

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, students should be able to present their experiences and points of view on a course they have done/are taking part in. This should take place through a course evaluation arranged by the University.

At Linköping University, the faculty providing the course is responsible for carrying out and compiling the results of the course evaluation. The faculty is also responsible for announcing the results and any decisions on action to be taken as a result of these.

See common regulations on electronic course evaluations (in Swedish)

Course evaluations in the Student portal

Student Questionnarie

In order to map out the working environment of students, both the social study environment and the physical working environment, Linköping University regularly carries out a web-based questionnaire in cooperation with the students’ unions. The results are reported in separate reports with the results broken down per campus, faculty, program and course. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of each faculty to produce actions plans for future improvement measures.

More information about the Student Questionnaire


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