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Student associations

Here is a list of LUST-approved student associations. In order for a student association to become approved by LUST, this is required:

  • That the number of students, alumni and/or teachers may not fall below 51% of the association's total membership.
  • That the association has democratic constitution, which clearly states that it is a student association.
  • That the association is a democratic and equitable organization.

Learn more about how to start a LUST-approved student association.

LUST-approved student associations reserve rooms by contacting studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se

Computers and electronics

  • Appsolut - student app for improved communication
  • Ctrl-C - the other computer association
  • Elektronikföreningen Admittansen - electronics association for students, alumni and employees at LiU
  • eLiTH - association for LiU students interested in online activities
  • FIA - association for Autonomous Intelligent System
  • LiTHe El - electronics association
  • LiTHe Kod - code association
  • LiU 3D - association for 3D-printning
  • Lysator - academic computer association for students and employees at LiU
  • Unga kodare - aims to wake the interest for code and programming among students and young people

Film, photo, media, culture

  • Kultingen - magazine for students
  • Kårrullen - film association
  • Linofilm- film and television association
  • Linslusen - photo association
  • LiuNardo - art association at Campus Norrköping
  • Stubinen - student cinema in Norrköping

Sports, exercise

  • AC studenterna - soccer team
  • Campushallen/LSIF - Linköping Students Sports Association
  • Dance machine - promotes the joy of dancing and appears at University events
  • FLUGA - Linköping University's fly fishing club
  • HKL Make Believes - Ice Hockey Association
  • Klätterklubben - climbing association at Campus Norrköping
  • LARK - equestrian sport
  • LinAOS - Linköping Academic Officers Association
  • Linköping Academic biking association
  • Linköpings new circus association - juggling, unicycling, acrobatics and other arts of circus
  • Linköping Universitys gols association - promotes and developes golf interest among LiU students
  • LiTHe Vilse - orienteering association
  • LiTHe Syra - jogging association
  • LiU AIF - Linköping students Academic sports Club
  • LiU AIF Golf - Linköping students Academic Golf Club
  • LiU AIF Swimming - Linköping students Academic Swimming Club
  • LiU AIF Squash - Linköping students Academic Squash Club
  • LiURF - Linköpings rugby club
  • LiU Water & Wind - Linköping University wind & water sports association
  • LuFF - Linköping University’s Flight Club
  • Naffi - Campus Norrköpings Sports Association
  • Norrköpings Akademiska FF - offer members the opportunity to play football in Östergötlands Football Association's regional series
  • PAFF - Outdoor Association in Norrköping
  • Valla scoutkår - the Scouts at Linköping University
  • Vild! - Outdoor Life Association
  • 720 - Ski association

International student associations


  • Fishermans Friend - Christian Student Association
  • Kefas - Christian Student Association in Norrköping
  • Falun Gong at Linköping University
  • Ny Generation - Christian Student Association at Campus Valla
  • SAAF LiU - Syriac/Aramaic Academics at Linköping University
  • YWAM on campus - Christian Student Association


Human rights and support

  • IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students Association
  • Ingenjörer utan gränser (EWB) - Engineers without borders student group at Linköping University
  • Linköpingsjuristerna - free legal assistance and support to homeless and other vulnerable people in Linköping and surroundings



Student services

  • Börsgruppen - association for students with an interest in the stock- and financial markets
  • FR Ryd - non-profit organization by students, for students
  • Gozinto - student consults
  • Juristgruppen - study assistance representatives and free legal advice for students and student associations at Linköping University
  • LiU Store - sells LiU products in Kårallen
  • M-Verkstan - an engineering workshop by and for students
  • Navitas - sustainability association
  • Tutopia -helps younger students with economy studies
  • Young Share Investors at Linköping University

Pubs and entertainment

Other associations

  • Ahead math coaching
  • Basårsföreningen
  • Check mates
  • Dragon's Den - gaming club
  • ELSA - lawyer association
  • EMMA - women association
  • Escort
  • Flaggskeppet - improves Campus Valla's outdoor areas
  • FuF - Association for Development in Linköping
  • Förenade festerier - organization for associations that organize parties and major events at Linköping University
  • Förenade Festerier Norrköping - organization for associations that organize parties and major events at Campus Norrköping
  • Gen!us - increasing gender awareness at Linköping University
  • Jusek student Linköping - representing Jusek student members in Linköping
  • Klädbiblioteket - lend clothes for free for events during your studies
  • Jocke - protects community and student traditions
  • LiAV - Linköpings Academic Wine Association
  • Lex Utopia - study groups for law students
  • Linköpings Akademiska Debattsällskap - Debate Club
  • Linköpings kandidatförening - association for medical students and junior doctors
  • Linköping University Poker Society - meeting place for students who are interested in Texas Hold'em
  • Linwin - student association for young women to promote and develop as innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in business and society
  • LiRMA - Linköping Riichi Mahjong Association
  • LithePant
  • LIVA – Linköping Vegan Association 
  • LiU Formula Student - Formula Student association at Linköping University
  • LiU Gamers - develops and deepens the members' interest in, and knowledge of, games in digital form
  • LiU IGEM - representing LiU in the international competition in synthetic biology, iGEM
  • Liute Magiskt - organizes activities related to Harry Potter
  • LiUSB - the Home Brewers' Association at Linköping University
  • Location East
  • LR Stud Linköping - local student association in Linköping
  • Lärarförbundet student Norrköping
  • METTE - Främja sammanhållningen mellan de som identifierar sig som kvinna på Medietekniksektionen (MT)
  • NärCon - gaming and cosplay festival
  • Nördboet - board game association
  • RFSU Linköping LiU - sexual politics and sexual health
  • Red Cross Youth Union student association LiU - works to prevent and alleviate human suffering
  • Rotaract - association for leadership development and workfare, part of the international professional network Rotary
  • Sekten
  • Skurkeriet
  • SLF Student Linköping - medical students' union
  • Smash University: Linköping - promotes competition-oriented gameplay of Super Smash Bros
  • Studentfiket - student café at Campus Norrköping
  • Team Obelix - arranges visits at companies for students at C, D, IT and Y
  • The Murses - more men to the nursing program
  • 3cant
  • Växteriet - plant association
  • World Values Initiative - platform for students to develop themselves through dialogue and experience-based methods.


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