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Händer som målar sektionsmärke i Märkesbacken.

Sections and Nations

For every study program or course there is a corresponding student section, an association whose intention is to contribute to your life as a student in all areas. Membership is voluntary. The student sections are responsible for looking after the quality of education, but they also arrange other activities including marketing events oriented towards companies and "nolle-p", the initiation period for new students.

Every student section has a party-committee or "festeri" responsible for arranging parties, dinners, and other fun activities. More information about these committees can be found on their student section webpage, or in the lists of committees in Linköping and Norrköping respectively which are linked below:


  • D - The student section for Computer Science and Engineering
  • I - The student section for Industrial Engineering and Management
  • EAA - The student section for Asienkunskap
  • ED - The student section for Electronics Design Engineering
  • LOGISTICS - The student section for Communication and Transportation Engineering, Campus Norrköping
  • M - The student section for Mechanical Engineering
  • LING - The student section for B.Sc in Engineering in Linköping
  • MatNat - The student section for Natural and Mathematical Science
  • N - The student section for B.Sc in Engineering and Technology-programs in Norrköping
  • MT - The student section for Mediatechnology and Engineering, Campus Norrköping
  • TBI - The student section for Engineering Biology
  • Y - The student section for Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • LiUPhD - The student section for PhD students
  • GDK - The student section for Grafisk Design & Kommunikation
  • CTD - The student section for Centre for Wood Technology and Design,



  • AJF - The student section for Commercial and Business Law
  • ELIN - Association for students of Business Administration and Economics.
  • FLiNS - For students of Political Science and Economics.
  • KogVet - The student section for Cognitive Science
  • LiSA - The student section for Urban and Regional Planning at LiU
  • LSEK - The student section for teacher students
  • MiP - Environmental Science, Campus Norrköping
  • NLSek - The student section for teacher students, Campus Norrköping
  • PULS - The student section for Human Resource Management and Work Science
  • SAKS - Information Systems Analysis
  • SeKel - Liberal arts
  • SKA - Social and Cultural Analysis, Campus Norrköping
  • SKuM - Culture, Society and Media production, Campus Norrköping
  • Socionomsektionen - Social Work Programme LiU
  • SSHF - The Student Section for Handicrafts and Design
  • StatLin - Statistics
  • Stimulus - The student section for Psychology
  • LiUPhD - The student section for PhD students


A nation is a student's association where the members usually come from the same area or region of Sweden, but everyone is free to join which nation he or she pleases. The nations in Linköping arrange a lot of activities and events for their members. Many of these events take place during important weekends or during Nolle-P.


Nations in Linköping

Nations in Norrköping


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