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Student unions and student organizations

At Linköping University, there are three student unions - Consensus, LinTek and StuFF - representing four faculties. Each education has a section linked to it. And each section has a party-committee or "festeri" which organizes all activities, parties and events för students at that program. There are also a variety of student associations that brings people with different interests together.



The student union for students at the Institute of Technology.

LinTek is involved in education, social and labor issues. LinTek also organizes the Student Orchestra Festival, SOF, and MünchenHoben – the biggest party during the initiation period. Lithanian is LinTek’s student union paper and is made together with the sections.



The StuFF student union is for those who study subjects in the field of educational sciences or at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

StuFF makes its voice heard, and works mainly in issues related to education, the work environment and social questions. We make sure that all decisions taken at LiU have received the opinions of at least one student, and that the opinions of students are in this way always presented. StuFF provides help and support to both students and student clubs and societies at Linköping University.

It also organises the reception period together with the sections, and ensures that all students receive a warm welcome at Linköping University.


Consensus logoConsensus is the student union for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Consensus works for the best possible education for you and your fellow students. The programs should be of high quality, led by knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, the examinations should be at the right level and not too many students should share a supervisor out in practice (VFU).

Everything around the studies should also work; adequate and functional premises and the opportunity to meet other students and have fun at pubs and student union houses. Consensus is present at all decisions taken at the University to ensure that decisions are as good as possible for the students.


  • Kårsservice logga.Kårservice is a commercial company providing services at Linköping University. It is owned by the three student unions.
  • The mission of Kårservice is to enrich student life by providing cost-effective and professional service to students in Linköping and Norrköping.
  • Kårservice offers catering and premises management at the student union buildings: Kårallen, Örat, Kollektivet, Ryds Herrgård, and Trappan Norrköping. It also operates the student tenants association KOMBO.
  • Kårservice

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